Why Are Armored Cars More Secure than Regular Autos? A Closer Look at the Differences

You know that armored cars are more secure than regular cars, but why is this the case? Take a closer look at some of the safety and security features that set armored cars apart from non-armored vehicles.

Ballistic Protection

One of the most important features of an armored vehicle is the ballistic protection that they come with. This protection is crucial because most people opt for an armored car specifically to protect themselves from bullets and similar threats. This is easily among the biggest threats to people who use armored vehicles, as someone with bad intentions can easily shoot at the car from a distance.

Bulletproof Glass

Part of that ballistic protection includes bulletproof glass. After all, glass is known to be a weak material against bullets, so you need to correct that issue to make the vehicle fully bulletproof. As with the rest of the vehicle, the glass is well-tested to ensure its ability to withstand bullets.

Special Tires

Tires on non-armored vehicles are a weak point, as they are prone to getting punctured and becoming flat. But armored autos feature special tires that are more durable and better able to handle whatever is on the road. The tires on many armored vehicles are designed to counter a range of damages, from punctures to fire. For example, it is very common for armored autos to offer run-flat tires, so you can continue using the auto even if the tire is flat.

Special Suspension System

Many armored vehicles also get a unique suspension system. Part of this upgrade is out of necessity, as the armoring adds a fair amount of weight to the auto. As such, the suspension will need to be able to handle that weight.

More Spacious Fuel Tanks

Depending on the armored auto you choose, you may also notice that it comes with an extra gas tank or an unusually large one. This helps ensure that there is always enough fuel to get out of a tough situation and drive to your destination without stopping.

Other Potential Features

Depending on the armored vehicle, you may also have the option of adding other features, such as sirens or PA systems. You may also have a self-seal gas tank that prevents the risk of fires, as well as a fire suppression system that protects the auto as a whole. Other potential features include reinforced door hinges, spare part kits, a tactical package, and protection for the battery and electronic control module. The options depend on the company you work with and their autos and offerings.


The most obvious features of armored autos are their bulletproof glass and overall ballistic protection. But these vehicles also have upgraded suspensions and tires to handle other upgrades and keep you safe. The best companies will also allow you a level of customization, with the ability to choose if you want additional features like a fire suppression system or tactical package. The bottom line is that an armored car delivers well-rounded protection to give you peace of mind.

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