Why an Armored Sedan Might Be Right for You?

Nowadays, armored cars are no longer just for cash-in-transit deliveries, diplomats and politicians, and people visiting high-risk areas. If you’re serious about your safety and have the means, getting an armored sedan might be better than getting a luxury car. 

For years, the armored vehicle industry has focused on making vehicles with rigid bodies while having designs that can compare to other street-legal cars. Thanks to design and technology innovations in the industry, you can now enjoy the benefits of a luxurious vehicle while having complete protection on the road.

Benefits of an Armored Sedan

Most armored car owners typically have perceived threats on their lives and need protection even on the go. However, even in other circumstances, there are many benefits to driving an armored vehicle.

Topnotch Protection

One of the most important reasons for getting an armored vehicle is to have first-class protection while on the road. Whether you’re a businessman, a politician, or a celebrity needing inconspicuous transport, an armored sedan will be able to ensure improved safety, which no flashy sports car can provide.

An armored sedan will not be as conspicuous as those bulky armored vehicles of the old days. So, if you need to carry a considerable sum of money, important documents, and other valuable items, you don’t need to worry about your safety.

Highly Reliable Transport

Armored sedans are highly reliable and designed to protect you from various kinds of harm. These vehicles are built using unbreakable glass, heavy metals, defensive plastics, and special tires. These tires are made to resist fire, gas attacks, punchers, and other debris that could cause damage to standard tires.

Armored vehicles are typically equipped with a doubled suspension system to make the vehicle’s body harder and sturdier There are also extra fuel tanks so you won’t run out of gas in case you need to get away from some trouble. The PA systems and sirens also help when transporting valuables.

They are Fitted with Bulletproof Glass

Armored sedans are retrofitted with bulletproof glass, which is unbreakable and capable of absorbing heavy damage. Made using cutting-edge technology, the ballistic-protected glass can be as thick as 75mm but have a crystal-clear appearance. Thus, you still get an unobstructed view of the road.

These Vehicles Are Heavier

An armored car can weigh 800 to 2000 pounds more than a non-armored vehicle. The added weight improves the vehicle’s stability and ensures that it will not be easily overturned. They can also ram through things without harming the passengers. 

The Bottom Line

Investing in the safety of your loved ones is always a good idea. With a high-quality armored vehicle, you can rest easy when you know that you and your family will be protected.  Now that you know what you can expect in case you buy an armored sedan, you can start by looking into a reliable company that can customize a vehicle for your everyday use. Troy Armoring is a leading supplier of armored vehicles, OEM, and aftermarket parts. Contact our team for questions and visit our shop to see the cars in person.

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