Who Is a Good Candidate for an Armored Sedan?

Armored sedans provide a great deal of protection, along with a luxury experience. After all, most armored sedans began as luxury or well-equipped sedans. From there, armored plates and other security features were added to keep the passengers and cargo secure. But who is a good candidate for an armored sedan?

Political Leaders

One of the most common uses for armored sedans is for political leaders. Presidents and prime ministers use armored sedans, but they aren’t only for political leaders on the national level. State leaders, mayors, and political leaders of smaller geographic areas can benefit from an armored sedan. After all, politicians can’t please everyone, and they need protection from disgruntled citizens.

Business Leaders

Business leaders, especially C-suite executives of major companies, are also good candidates for armored sedans. Some people may have bad intentions because of their fame or wealth. There is also the risk that someone will be unhappy with the actions of the company and choose to blame the C-suite executives. An armored sedan will protect business leaders in any of these situations.


Anyone with a high profile will attract a great deal of attention wherever they go. From direct threats against their safety to someone looking to break into the car and steal something, celebrities on all levels face various potential threats. But an armored car can mitigate most of these.

High-net-worth Individuals

High-net-worth individuals should also consider an armored sedan. People may try to kidnap them for ransom, steal from them, or hurt them in hopes of getting their wealth. The extra protection of an armored sedan gives high-net-worth individuals more peace of mind.

People Transporting Valuables

Armored sedans are also a good option for anyone transporting valuable items. Whether art, jewelry, money, or something else, transporting valuables in an armored vehicle reduces the risk of theft. After all, would-be thieves can’t break into the car or easily damage it in a collision with the goal of getting inside after.

Anyone Looking for More Security

While anyone in the above categories is a good candidate for an armored sedan, the reality is that they are also a good option for anyone who wants additional security. Armored vehicles are a good way to stay safe while maintaining a low profile. An armored sedan will not draw as much attention as other vehicles, such as an armored limo or SUV. Yet, you still get a high level of protection.

Given that most people who would want an armored vehicle are used to the finer things in life, you will find many armored versions of luxury sedans. But if you want to minimize attention, you can even opt for an armored Camry.


Armored sedans are incredibly popular among political leaders, business owners, C-suite executives, celebrities, and wealthy individuals. They are also commonly useful in transporting valuables. Nonetheless, anyone who wants to feel more secure should consider an armored sedan, even if it is because you live in a dangerous area.

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