Who Could Benefit from an Armored Vehicle?

When most people think of an armored vehicle, they imagine the type of protection a world leader needs. Or maybe you think of the armored vehicles used when transporting cash or valuables.

While those are certainly potential uses for armored vehicles, they are far from these vehicles’ only purposes. Nearly anyone can benefit from an armored vehicle. Take a look at some people who may want to consider one of these autos with some extra protection.

The Rich, Famous, and Powerful

Perhaps the largest category of people who could benefit from an armored vehicle includes rich, famous, and powerful people. This includes everyone from A-list celebrities to world leaders to CEOs.

It is a simple fact that if you are rich or powerful, or even famous, then there is probably at least one person in the world who has ill wishes for your future. An armored car will protect you from those people if they choose to act on it.

Of course, not everyone in this category should consider an armored vehicle equally strongly. For example, political leaders almost always need an armored vehicle, thanks to the risk of threats to their life. With the rich and famous, the concern may lean more towards robbery, kidnapping, or simply gaining access. An armored vehicle can provide plenty of protection in such situations.

The Military and Law Enforcement

Armored vehicles are a given in a military setting, but some police departments are also starting to consider these vehicles. They add another level of protection for your team, whether they are police or military. This, in turn, lets them focus on their job of protecting and serving the community.

Those Transporting Valuables

Cash-in-transit vehicles are yet another very common type of armored vehicle. Because of the amount of cash or other valuables that these autos carry, they are at a high risk of being a target of theft.

Those in Dangerous Areas

Even if you aren’t famous or transporting large amounts of valuables, it can still be very helpful to have an armored auto if you live in a dangerous area. What constitutes danger will depend on you, but if there is a risk of gunshots or even just auto break-ins in your area, it may be worth it to consider an armored car. You may even want to use an armored auto if you are visiting a dangerous area, such as a reporter or journalist visiting a high-conflict area.

Anyone in Search of Extra Protection

In reality, anyone in search of some extra protection should consider an armored vehicle. And you shouldn’t let your budget stop you from getting one, as there are also pre-owned options available. This is a great way to get the security of an armored vehicle without breaking the bank.


While most people think of armored cars as something for the military, political leaders, or the rich and famous, anyone can get an armored car. As long as you have something you want to protect and the funds to get an armored auto, it is an option worth considering.

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