What to Consider When Buying Pre-owned Armor Vehicles

Many people think that only the military, banks, and celebrities can buy armored vehicles. That is not quite true. Ordinary citizens, who feel that they need some protection while on the road, can and should purchase armored cars. These can look like regular cars or SUVs on the road, making it almost impossible to differentiate between an armored and an ordinary vehicle.

However, it isn’t exactly affordable to buy an armored vehicle. Since these vehicles are reinforced with steel from top to bottom and their bodies are wrapped in bulletproof materials that can shield against deadly weapons, they are more expensive than even the most luxurious cars on the market. 

If you want to purchase an armored vehicle for personal use, there are options to either rent one or buy a pre-owned unit. Here’s what you should look for if you want to buy a secondhand armored car

Find a Reliable Seller

You cannot just walk into any dealership and expect an armored car to be readily available. Finding a reliable reseller will take time, and it usually involves researching consumer recommendations and reviews. This kind of research is the most crucial step in finding a secondhand armored vehicle. The reseller should have referrals, knowledge of the different car models, and certifications and permits. Finding the right seller will help you feel confident in such an important purchase.

Consider the Level of Protection You Need

The protection level of armored vehicles ranges between A4/B4 to A11/B7. The assignment of these labels is based on the thickness of the ballistic glass and the make of the ballistic steel. To determine what kind of protection you need, consider the possibility of threats or attacks you may face and what type of protection that calls for. That includes the weapons or rounds that your attackers might use. 

List this information down and share them with the reseller or dealership. The sales associate should be able to help identify what type of armored vehicle, whether an SUV or sedan, will suit your needs.

Set a Budget

Just like buying any other item, you should set a budget and stick to it. First, you need to identify the kind of armored vehicle you need, and only then can you set a budget. The extra ballistic rated materials manufactured into the car do not only add weight to the vehicle, but they also make the armored vehicles more expensive. 

The cost of an armored vehicle is double or triple that of an ordinary car. Expect to pay tens of thousands of dollars even on pre-owned armored vehicles. If you want to customize the car, you will also need to pay extra since the dealership needs to equip them with updated technologies.

Set a Schedule for Test Driving

Before buying an armored vehicle, choose the vehicle that you want to purchase and do a test drive on it first. This will give you a feel of how secure the car feels. You can test two or three different models to ensure that you’re getting the most suitable vehicle.


Buying a pre-owned armored vehicle is no different from buying an ordinary car. As with any vehicle purchase, assess the same factors—the reputation of the seller or dealership, condition of the vehicle, features, and affordability. Once your purchase meets all your requirements, you can rest easy knowing you’ve purchased a top-notch armored car.

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