What Features Does Our Executive Package Offer?

Are you looking for an executive package that provides the most secure and luxury transportation solutions? Troy Armoring offers state-of-the-art vehicle customizations to meet your individualized needs of security, comfort, privacy, and convenience.

Our Executive Package includes all the features necessary to provide the highest level of safety and protection on any trip. Read on to explore our unique portfolio of additional features designed with executives, VIPs, celebrities, and business owners in mind.

Armor Specifications

The Executive Package armor offers protection from handguns, rifles, and explosives in accordance with NIJ standards. The armor plates are tested for shock absorption, ballistic resistance, spall control, deformation control, and multi-hit performance by independent labs, such as the US Department of Justice National Institute of Justice (NIJ).

Whether your needs are for family use or high-profile VIPs, we can provide you with the security level that meets your requirements.       

Some notable safety features include the following:

Shocking Door Handles

To prevent carjacking, kidnapping, and other types of ambush attacks, Troy Armoring includes shocking door handles as part of our Executive Package. Activating this feature is as easy as pressing a button inside the vehicle. This sends a massive 160 volts of electricity into the door handles, deterring any attackers from opening your vehicle door.

Reinforced Bumpers

Reinforced bumpers are an important part of armored vehicles, as they provide vital protection to the people inside. The steel reinforcement of these bumpers helps absorb the impact and energy of an unexpected collision, reducing the chance of injury or death.

This shock-absorbing capability also contributes to the overall stability of the car during high-speed maneuvers, allowing for a smoother ride and better control over the vehicle.

Interior Customization Options

The interior of your custom-built vehicle will be designed to meet your preferences, whether that’s leather seating configurations, executive consoles with foldable tables, curtains, or metal screens between compartments and the driver section.

You may also enjoy illuminated vanity mirrors, rear climate control systems, rear entertainment systems with LCD TVs, and more. We have a wide variety of options available to ensure your executive package is equipped with all the amenities you need.

Vehicle Upgrades

We also offer upgrades like automotive tinting film applied to windows to reduce glare while keeping the inside temperature at optimal levels. Run-flat tires are added for protection against tire punctures.

You also get state-of-the-art siren systems, LED lighting packages, partition walls between passenger compartments, and other features depending on your needs.

All these features are included in our vehicles due to their strength and reliability to protect passengers from any danger they could face on the road.

Luxury and Safety Combined

The Troy Armoring Executive Package is designed to provide customers with luxurious amenities and top-of-the-line security features that meet NIJ standards, all without sacrificing comfort or style.

Whether it’s a VIP van, an SUV, or a stretched limousine, we have something that fits everyone’s budget and needs. Our experienced sales team will guide you through all the customization options so you can get exactly what you want in terms of luxury items and security measures combined into one package. Contact us today to learn more about Troy Armoring’s pricing and plans.

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