The Coolest Features You Didn’t Know Armored Cars Had

For many of us, the mere mention of armored vehicles conjures up images of impenetrable tanks rolling across battlefields. But the world of armored cars is much more diverse and exciting than you might think. Today, we’re taking you inside these fortresses on wheels to uncover some of the most remarkable features you probably didn’t know armored cars had.

Armor That’s Light As a Feather, But Tough As Nails

One of the first things that comes to mind when discussing armored cars is the armor itself. However, it’s sometimes about something other than the sheer weight. Modern armored vehicles use advanced materials that are surprisingly lightweight. Composite armors and advanced steel alloys provide ample protection without damaging the vehicle. This results in vehicles that are still nimble and easy to maneuver but can withstand bullets and explosions.

Ballistic Glass: When Windows Act as Shields

This feature is captivating. The ballistic glass is not your average vehicle window. It comprises several layers of glass and polycarbonate, making it extraordinarily thick and highly resistant to bullets. Imagine driving with the confidence that your windows are built like shields!

Run-Flat Tires: Keep Rolling Under Pressure

We all know how stressful a flat tire can be. Now imagine being in a hostile environment and facing that situation. This is why armored vehicles have run-flat tires. These fantastic pieces of technology can continue running for a certain distance even after they have been punctured, giving the vehicle’s occupants enough time to get to safety.

Built-In Fire Suppression Systems: A Firewall on Wheels

Safety is the utmost priority in armored vehicles, and fire is among the deadliest threats. Some armored cars are equipped with built-in fire suppression systems. These systems detect and suppress the fire, ensuring the safety of the passengers. It’s like having a personal firefighter on board.

Advanced Communication Systems: Stay Connected, Stay Safe

In critical situations, communication is vital. Armored vehicles often include advanced communication systems that ensure constant contact with the outside world, no matter how remote or dangerous the area may be. These features, from satellite phones to GPS tracking, are imperative in keeping you safe and informed.

Secure Air Filtration: Protection Against the Unseen

Biological and chemical attacks are harrowing possibilities. Some armored vehicles take safety to the next level with secure air filtration systems. These systems purify the air entering the car, ensuring that occupants are safe from harmful substances. 

Luxury in Security: When Comfort Meets Protection

It’s a common misconception that armored vehicles are just about safety and utility. Many manufacturers, including Troy Armoring, ensure that the interior of their vehicles is as luxurious as any high-end car. Customized seating, climate control, and state-of-the-art entertainment systems are available.

Wrap Up

As we’ve seen, armored vehicles are not just metal giants made for combat. They are highly advanced, multi-faceted machines designed to ensure security and comfort. Whether it’s the lightweight armor, ballistic glass, or luxury interiors, these features work in tandem to provide an unmatched driving experience.

Hungry for more information? Check out Troy Armoring’s extensive FAQ page for everything you need to know about armored cars. You might also be interested in browsing through our impressive selection of armored sedans and armored SUVs. These fortresses on wheels will capture your imagination and redefine what you thought was possible in vehicle security and luxury.

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