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We ship our armored vehicles all over the world. With transportation options ranging from ocean, air, or ground. We will make sure your armored vehicle arrives at your destination in the same mint condition that it left our facilities.

Welcome to Troy Armoring, your trusted partner in secure transportation solutions. Our logistics services ensure the safe and timely delivery of armored vehicles, providing peace of mind to our clients worldwide. Whether you choose ground shipping, ocean freight, or air cargo, Troy Armoring is committed to excellence in every step of the transportation process.

Ground Shipping Services:

Reliability at Every Turn

Our ground shipping services are designed for reliability and efficiency. With a dedicated fleet of secure transport vehicles and experienced drivers, we guarantee the safe delivery of your armored vehicles to any destination. Real-time tracking and monitoring systems ensure transparency and visibility throughout the journey.

Customized Solutions

Troy Armoring understands that each client has unique needs. Our ground shipping services offer flexible solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements. From local deliveries to cross-country transport, we have the expertise to handle it all.

Safety First

The safety of your armored vehicles is our top priority. Our ground shipping services adhere to the highest safety standards, incorporating advanced security features to protect your assets during transit. Trust Troy Armoring to deliver your vehicles securely, on time, every time.

Ocean Freight Services:

Global Reach

Troy Armoring’s ocean freight services provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for international shipments. With a vast network of trusted partners and agents worldwide, we ensure the smooth and secure transportation of your armored vehicles across oceans.

Expert Handling

Our experienced logistics team understands the complexities of international shipping. From customs clearance to documentation, we handle every aspect of the process with precision and expertise. Rest easy knowing that your armored vehicles are in capable hands.

Efficiency and Timeliness

Time-sensitive shipments are our specialty. Troy Armoring optimizes shipping routes and schedules to guarantee timely deliveries. Our commitment to efficiency ensures that your armored vehicles reach their destination promptly, maintaining the highest standards of service

Your most secure and trusted shipping option

Air Cargo Services:

Swift and Secure

When time is of the essence, Troy Armoring’s air cargo services provide the fastest and most secure transportation option. Our strategic partnerships with leading air carriers ensure swift and reliable deliveries to destinations across the globe.

Priority Handling

Air cargo demands precision, and Troy Armoring delivers. We prioritize your shipments to ensure they receive the attention and care required for expedited handling. From departure to arrival, your armored vehicles are treated with the utmost urgency.

Real-Time Monitoring

Our advanced tracking systems allow you to monitor your shipments in real-time. Troy Armoring provides constant updates on the status of your cargo, offering transparency and peace of mind throughout the air transportation process.

At Troy Armoring, we take pride in providing comprehensive logistics solutions for the secure transport of armored vehicles. Choose excellence, choose Troy Armoring for ground shipping, ocean freight, and air cargo services that prioritize safety, reliability, and efficiency. Contact us today to discuss your specific transportation needs.

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