Make a Side Hustle From Renting Your Armored SUV

If you already have an armored SUV but aren’t using it all the time, consider turning it into a side hustle. You can easily rent it out when you aren’t using it. This will let you take advantage of the demand for rental armored SUVs and maximize your vehicle’s abilities.

There Is High Demand

Whether or not you realize it, there is a high demand for rental armored SUVs. Many people are accustomed to using armored vehicles at home but don’t necessarily own one in every city. Driving the armored vehicle or having someone else do so is likely feasible for closer destinations. But if someone with an armored SUV travels more than a few hours, then they will likely want to rent one at their destination. This will be easier logistically and reduce the wear on their armored vehicle.

Rent to Rich, Influential, and Famous People

The biggest customer base interested in renting your armored SUV would be those who are rich, influential, powerful, or famous. These people are likely to usually drive around in armored vehicles as a way to stay safe from physical harm, kidnapping, and theft. They will want this same level of security and safety when in your city as they experience at home.

Rent to Civilians in Dangerous Areas

Depending on where you live, you can also find an even wider range of people potentially interested in renting your SUV. This is especially true if you live close to or in a dangerous area, as travelers may want extra protection from an armored vehicle.

Rent It Out Based on Your Schedule

The great thing about renting out your armored SUV as a side hustle is that you can control the schedule. You can rent it out as much or as little as you want. You can even adapt how frequently you rent it out throughout the year.

For example, perhaps you are usually in town and use your armored SUV nearly every day. You could rent it out for a few hours or days here and there when you know you won’t need it. But then, when you go on vacation to another country and won’t use the armored SUV, you could rent it for weeks or even months. The rental schedule is entirely up to you.

You can even buy an armored SUV just to rent out and only occasionally use it yourself.

Choose a Luxurious Armored SUV to Expand Its Appeal

If you plan on renting your armored SUV and haven’t bought one yet, consider getting a more luxurious version. This will increase its appeal to renters and upgrade your experience every time you ride in or drive it.


Most people with armored SUVs don’t need to use them 24/7. Whether there are regular times every week when you don’t use the vehicle, or you are out of town for weeks at a time, consider renting it out when you don’t need it.

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