List of Businesses That Use Armored Vehicles

Most people see armored vehicles only when they visit a military camp. The closest they can get to one is in a museum or when an armored vehicle is parked in front of the bank. Those two instances are among the rare times the public gets to see these bulletproof vehicles. So, let’s take a closer look at what armored vehicles are and where else they are commonly used.

What’s an Armored Vehicle Made From?

An armored vehicle is made from ballistic glass, steel, and other heavy-duty materials. These materials make trucks, SUVs, and even sedans impenetrable to bullets and heavy artillery. The floors, windows, ceilings, doors, and walls of the vehicle are also reinforced with steel, making them bulletproof and shockproof.

Who Uses Armored Vehicles?

Armored vehicles are expensive. Most of them are customized according to the specifications of their clients. Ordinary SUVs can be turned into armored vehicles by certified and authorized armored car companies.

Banks and Other Financial Institutions

Even in the age of a cashless society, banks and other financial institutions still transport loads of coins and paper money. Most armored vehicles can carry roughly around $2 million. Banks don’t use up the vehicle’s full capacity due to insurance guidelines. Other businesses that transact using money in large quantities will need to use armored vehicles when transporting cash. This means that malls, outdoor event organizers, restaurants, casinos, pawnshops, and art exhibits need to hire armored cars. 

Transporting debit cards, credit cards, and gift cards also entail the use of armored vehicles. Criminals can block ordinary cars and infiltrate them while on the road, and it would be easy to steal their contents without the armor.

Combat Zones 

Armored vehicles are, of course, essential in combat zones. They can safely transport soldiers, journalists, photographers, medical staff, and civilians. These vehicles also ensure the safety of humanitarian workers in war zones and unstable regions. They enable aid workers to extract civilians from highly volatile areas.


Very important persons (VIPs) such as heads of state, government officials, executives, religious leaders, and royalty are also transported via armored vehicles. These individuals constantly face the threat of assassination or kidnapping. Armored vehicles provide an extra layer of protection for VIPs while they travel. 

Since the rich, famous, and influential also face all kinds of danger while on the road, traveling in armored vehicles gives them and their bodyguards a much-needed high level of security. Celebrities, judges, and witnesses in high-profile court cases also use armored vehicles for protection.


Armored vehicles are designed to keep their passengers safe from harm while on the road. But sometimes, it’s the other way around. They can also keep the public safe from convicted criminals needing to be transferred from one prison facility to another. These armored vehicles must be impenetrable to even the strongest machine guns, thus preventing crime syndicates from even attempting to break out their members. 


All over the world, people think of high-profile clients and items when they see armored vehicles on the road. These are usually followed by a fleet of nondescript law enforcement vehicles for additional protection. Whether they transport people or high-value items, armored cars made with quality materials will get the job done.

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