Leveling Up Your Protection: Comparing Troy Armoring’s Packages

As a business executive, planning and ensuring you have the right protection to stay safe in any situation is important. At Troy Armoring, we provide our clients with the highest level of security. Our packages range from armored sedans to cash-in-transit vehicles, which include bullet-resistant glass and reinforced steel frames.

Let’s take a closer look at the different packages available from Troy Armoring.

Armored Sedans

If you are looking for a reliable vehicle that offers maximum protection, you may want to consider an armored sedan such as our Rolls Royce Phantom or Mercedes Benz S560. Their armor levels offer protection against firearms up to 7.62mm NATO rounds and can also provide additional features, such as run-flat tires and smoke detectors.

Both models have a reliable fire suppression system, offering further protection in case of active car fires. Armored Sedans are a great choice for executives or VIPs that want to keep a low profile.

Armored SUVs

If you need something more spacious, an armored SUV may be more suitable for your needs. Troy Armoring offers a wide selection of SUVs with varying armor levels to match specific threat levels. All vehicles come with standard features like reinforced steel frames, gull-size spare tires, ballistic glass windows, and the run-flat package.

Armored SUVs are a great choice for customers who prefer to have more space while traveling. All our products are tailor-fit to the needs and preferences of each client. Contact us today to personalize your armored SUV.

Cash In Transit

Do you regularly transport money, gold, or other valuables between two locations? We have packages designed to meet this specific level of protection.

We offer custom-built Cash In Transit vehicles that will meet your specifications. These vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art security features, including heavy-duty locks and reinforced frames that can withstand high-powered rounds of ammunition up to .50 caliber rifles.

Our Cash In Transit trucks and vehicles also come with various possible configurations. Whether it’s four-point security cameras, DVRs, night vision, or tracking devices, Troy Armoring has all the amenities you need for secure transportation.

Furthermore, our steel safes and alarm systems offer you the highest protection possible and can be custom added to your build according to specific security requirements.

Armored VIP and Executive Package

For those requiring higher levels of protection or luxury amenities, we offer customized VIP/Executive packages for vans, stretched limousines, as well as SUVs. One of our most popular builds includes the Mercedes Benz S600, which features additional luxuries like tinted windows and optional leather seating.

All our VIP/Executive packages come with the same high-quality protection features found in our other packages, such as ballistic glass windows and reinforced steel frames capable of resisting high-powered rounds up to .50 caliber rifles.

You can get the best of both worlds by choosing our Executive Package.

For Your Overall Protection

No matter what kind of vehicle you need to protect or what kind of threat level you face, Troy Armoring has the perfect package for you. We have been providing top-quality armored vehicles since 1998, so rest assured that when it comes to protecting yourself and your assets, we have you covered.Contact us today if you’re looking for premium quality armoring services at competitive prices.

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