Is It Possible to Patch a Run Flat Tire?

Unexpected things can happen while you’re on the road. There’s the possibility of getting into an accident or experiencing minor inconveniences like getting a flat tire. When the latter happens, you have no choice but to stop on the side of the road and try to fix it. However, if you’re in the middle of nowhere and need tools, that’s not always an option.

The good news is that most vehicles now run on RFTs or run-flat tires. If you have these tires, you can continue to drive even after a puncture.

However, remember that you can’t drive on run-flat tires indefinitely. These tires are designed to let you drive until you find an auto shop or a place to repair them.

Time to Fix Those Tires

Can your run-flat tire be patched or repaired? The good news is that, yes, RFTs can be fixed. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do that:

  1. Remove the affected tire from the wheels.
  2. Next, make sure to clean the punctured area on the tire. You can rub mild abrasives on the affected area to make the task easier.
  3. If you’re DIY-ing this, you can use a plaster patch to cover the hole. At repair shops, they usually cover the puncture using solid rubber studs. 
  4. Repeat the steps if there is more than one puncture. 

Most run-flat tires can be repaired depending on the tire’s condition and the manufacturer’s policy. You should be aware that the tires will only be repaired after a thorough interior and exterior examination. 

As you know, run-flat tires have extended mobility up to 50 miles per hour when punctured. However, even when you follow these limitations, there is still a chance that the tires will be permanently damaged and cannot be repaired.

Unfortunately, you also can’t patch RFTs if the holes are more extensive. In such cases, you will need to replace the tires entirely. 

FAQs on Patching RFTs

Is it safe to use a patched tire?

When repaired correctly, a patched tire will work just as well as a properly maintained one. This tire will still be able to give you a safe driving experience.

Can leaking RFTs be fixed?

Yes, these can be fixed. However, that will depend on how extensive the damage is. For puncture holes and small leaks, patching will be the most economical choice. Otherwise, you will need to get a new tire.

Can a run-flat tire with a nail be repaired?

In most cases, you can remove the pin using tools you have at home. But, if you have yet to experience fixing a punctured tire, it will be better to take it to an auto repair shop. 

Run Flat Tires for Armored Vehicle

Just like running flat tires on non-armored vehicles, there will be a time when you need a replacement RFT for your armored sedan or SUV. When that happens, you can always contact Troy Armoring. We have spare parts and OEM vehicle parts for armored sedans and SUVs. Make sure to enter your VIN if your vehicle is from us so we can efficiently send what you need. You can check out our online car parts catalog or contact us if you have questions about our run-flat tires and other OEM parts.

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