Four Safety Features of Armored Vehicles Everyone Loves

People rarely feel safe on the road nowadays. Even ordinary citizens may think they need armored vehicles to ensure their security while traveling. Increasing threats, highway robberies, and many road crimes have made driving one of the most dangerous activities, not to mention the danger of coming across reckless drivers.

These possible threats on the road are reasons why heads of state, celebrities, executives, businessmen, law enforcement, and other influential people use armored vehicles. An armored car is reinforced with steel and bulletproof materials which can withstand various attacks. It keeps the passengers safe from harm. Any vehicle can be fitted with these materials, from sedans to SUVs to trucks.


Armored cars are very discreet. Not many people will be able to tell that the car passing in front of them is an armored car. The vehicle will appear like any other normal vehicle on the road. There are no special markings that distinguish it as an armored vehicle. People cannot tell the difference whether they look at it up close or ride inside.

Even from the inside, people may not be able to tell the difference. An armored vehicle is designed to be discreet because part of its safety feature is that of preventing other people from realizing that what’s being transported are valuable items or important people. Though these cars are made with great suspension, bulletproof glass, and armored plates, no one will be able to tell that they are armored even up close.

Self-sealing Fuel Tank

One of the essential features of an armored vehicle is the self-sealing fuel tank. One way of attacking a vehicle is to fire at the car’s fuel tank, which can burst into flames. But a self-sealing feature on its fuel tank will protect the vehicle from this kind of attack. The tank is reinforced with steel, making it bullet-resistant and blast-proof. It uses bladder technology to prevent the fuel tank from harmful leakage.

Shocking Door Handles

Not many people know the fact that door handles of armored vehicles are built with the capacity for electricity to run through them. This prevents carjacking, kidnapping, and other types of ambush attacks. Passengers can simply press a button inside the car to engage a whopping 160 volts of electricity on the door handles. If someone tries to open the doors, the electric shock may leave them partially incapacitated. That gives the passengers enough time to escape.

Reinforced Bumpers

An armored vehicle not only absorbs sudden strong impact, but it is also able to give it. If there is impact on the car on either the front or back, the steel-reinforced bumpers will absorb the energy and keep the passngers safe.

These shock-absorbing capabilities enable the car to escape from dangerous situations unscathed. After all, the passengers of an armored car or its valuable items need to be transported to safety.


These four safety features are well-loved by owners of armored vehicles, but they’re not the only things that make these cars one of a kind. Armored cars also come with reinforced walls, ceilings, and floors. On top of that, some are further equipped with night vision cameras, road tack dispensing systems, and smokescreen dispenser systems. These are designed to keep the armored vehicle whole and impenetrable.

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