Do You Need Armored Car Insurance?

Nothing says safety, vigilance, and security like an armored car. It’s a vehicle that can withstand collisions, keep you safe in an accident, and protect your valuables. With this kind of protection, you may wonder: “Do I need armored car insurance?”

The short answer is yes. Armored car insurance is essential for protecting you and your valuables in case of an accident or theft. Unlike regular cars, armored vehicles have a lot more to protect: people, money, and other valuables. Most standard car insurance plans will not cover these damages (or the cost of replacing them), so it’s crucial to invest in specialized armored car insurance.

Risks Armored Car Owners Face

To understand the importance of insurance for armored cars, you need to understand the risks that owners face. Armored vehicles and their valuables are vulnerable to several threats.

First and foremost, there are the usual car accidents and collisions. Although safety features like reinforced frames and bulletproof glass do help, armored cars are still at risk of fender benders. If you’re in an accident with your armored vehicle, you need to have the right insurance coverage to protect yourself, your passengers, and your valuables in case of damage. Plus, armored vehicles are far more likely to cause damage to other cars and even pedestrians in an accident.

But getting in an accident is not where the risks stop. Armored car owners are also at risk from theft and vandalism. Armored vehicles can be more attractive targets for thieves than regular cars since they can hold higher-value goods.

Insurance Policy Options

There are several insurance options available to protect armored car owners. The right choice depends on your needs and preferences, but some of the most common options include the following:

General Liability Insurance

This type of insurance is the typical option for any car owner looking to protect themselves against lawsuits or injuries. For example, if your armored car gets in an accident, claims for injury and property damage may be covered by general liability insurance.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

This insurance is similar to general liability insurance but is specifically tailored for commercial vehicles. This coverage includes armored cars and offers excellent protection in case of property damage claims or accident lawsuits. Medical payment coverage is usually included with commercial vehicle insurance, which can be helpful in the event of injuries.

Commercial Property Insurance

If you’re in the business of storing valuable items like jewelry or cash in your armored car, it’s essential to have commercial property insurance. This will protect the contents of your vehicle in case of theft and damage. Or if you park your car overnight on a commercial property, there’s also the possibility of vandalism. This insurance will help you replace or repair your valuables if needed.

The Takeaway

Armored car insurance is an essential investment for anyone with a high-value vehicle. Whether you’re an armored car owner or use these cars for work, you need to have the right coverage in case an accident or theft occurs. The good news is that many insurance options are available to protect you and your valuables. So, don’t hesitate to invest in the right insurance for your needs!

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