How Run-flat Tires Can Benefit Your Armored Car

Run Flat Tires

When it comes to armored cars, safety is the number one priority. Bulletproof glass, protective steel, and reinforced bumpers—all these features help keep you safe, whether you’re driving to work or through a warzone. And while the body of the car is crucial for protection, the tires are just as important. After all, it’s the tires that provide … Read more

The 5 Upgrades You Need for Safer Drives

Bulletproof Glass Car

Every year, 160,000 car accidents happen in Canada. That’s close to 20 collisions, bumps, and scrapes every hour. What can we do to lower that number? Well, it takes more than just quality construction and cutting-edge safety features to keep drivers safe. Modern cars are now equipped with various features that protect drivers and passengers, from airbags to … Read more

What Features Does Our Executive Package Offer?

S600 Bulletproof

Are you looking for an executive package that provides the most secure and luxury transportation solutions? Troy Armoring offers state-of-the-art vehicle customizations to meet your individualized needs of security, comfort, privacy, and convenience. Our Executive Package includes all the features necessary to provide the highest level of safety and protection on any trip. Read on … Read more

Do You Need Armored Car Insurance?

Armored Car Insurance

Nothing says safety, vigilance, and security like an armored car. It’s a vehicle that can withstand collisions, keep you safe in an accident, and protect your valuables. With this kind of protection, you may wonder: “Do I need armored car insurance?” The short answer is yes. Armored car insurance is essential for protecting you and your valuables … Read more

Explaining Armor Levels: Choosing the Right Protection for Your Car

armored gmc denali

Back in the day, chainmail and steel plates protected riders and their horses from enemy attacks. But this was when the primary mode of transportation was on horseback, and the only threats were swords and arrows. Now, we have advanced to using cars, and the threats have evolved to include bullets and explosions. With the … Read more

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Armored Cars

armored rolls royce

Owning and operating an armored car has many perks. You can transport valuable goods and feel secure knowing your cargo is protected. But there are also important considerations to keep in mind and many factors to consider before investing. So, to help you make an informed decision, here are the answers to some frequently asked … Read more

How to Spot an Armored Vehicle on the Road

Brabus armored suv

The image of an armored vehicle may come to mind as a dark, bulky tank-like machine. However, not all armored vehicles fit this stereotype. They may look like any other car or truck on the surface but have an impressive array of protective measures beneath the exterior. From bulletproof glass to reinforced steel plating, these vehicles can … Read more

The History and Evolution of the Modern Armored Vehicle

history of armored vehicles

Tech advances and innovation in the automotive industry come to mind when talking about armored vehicles. But did you know we have Leonardo da Vinci to thank for the first recorded design of an armored vehicle? Here’s a look at the invention and innovation of the modern armored car. The Early Forms of Armored Vehicles … Read more

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