How Thick Should a Bulletproof Glass Be?

bulletproof glass thickness

Many factors are considered when designing and manufacturing bulletproof glass for armored vehicles. The main goal of bulletproof glass is to prevent bullets from penetrating the material and hitting the passengers. The higher the ballistic power of the rifle, the thicker the bulletproof glass should be. Bulletproof glass thickness ranges from 0.25 inches to 3.5 … Read more

Do You Need an Armored Car When Traveling?

troy armoring travel vehicle

Hollywood films may make it appear that armored vehicles are only for high-ranking government officials and influential business moguls. This is actually far from the truth. Even ordinary people visiting foreign places might feel the need armored cars when driving around tourist sites. You can check out armored car rentals in specific destinations to see … Read more

List of Businesses That Use Armored Vehicles

Most people see armored vehicles only when they visit a military camp. The closest they can get to one is in a museum or when an armored vehicle is parked in front of the bank. Those two instances are among the rare times the public gets to see these bulletproof vehicles. So, let’s take a … Read more

What to Consider When Buying Pre-owned Armor Vehicles

Many people think that only the military, banks, and celebrities can buy armored vehicles. That is not quite true. Ordinary citizens, who feel that they need some protection while on the road, can and should purchase armored cars. These can look like regular cars or SUVs on the road, making it almost impossible to differentiate … Read more

Four Safety Features of Armored Vehicles Everyone Loves

armored suv

People rarely feel safe on the road nowadays. Even ordinary citizens may think they need armored vehicles to ensure their security while traveling. Increasing threats, highway robberies, and many road crimes have made driving one of the most dangerous activities, not to mention the danger of coming across reckless drivers. These possible threats on the … Read more

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