8 Essential Features to Check Before Buying an Armored Sedan

When it comes to purchasing an armored sedan, discerning buyers know that it’s about more than just aesthetics and horsepower. These vehicles are about blending safety with luxury. Before making this significant investment, here are eight essential features to check.

1. Level of Armoring

Armoring levels vary depending on the protection you need. It’s crucial to understand the different levels – from handgun protection to defense against high-caliber rifles. Make sure the armored sedan you choose meets your specific security requirements.

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2. Quality of Bulletproof Glass

One of the most critical components of an armored vehicle is its bulletproof glass. Check the thickness and quality of the glass, ensuring it aligns with the armoring level. It should provide clear visibility while offering maximum protection.

3. Reinforced Suspension

The added weight of armoring materials means the suspension system of an armored sedan must be reinforced. Ensure that the vehicle has been modified accordingly for a smooth and safe driving experience.

4. Run-Flat Tire Technology

In dangerous situations, the ability to continue driving with damaged tires can be life-saving. Run-flat tires are a must-have feature in armored sedans for this reason.

5. Interior Comfort and Customization

Safety doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort. High-end armored sedans offer luxurious interiors and customization options. Consider the quality of the interior finishes and the range of customization available to suit your style.

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6. Engine Performance and Handling

Given the extra weight, the engine performance and handling of the armored sedan are paramount. The vehicle should have a powerful engine and enhanced handling capabilities for both safety and a satisfying driving experience.

7. Advanced Security Features

Apart from standard armoring, look for advanced security features such as smoke screens, emergency lights, or PA systems. These can enhance your safety in high-risk scenarios.

8. After-Sale Service and Warranty

Finally, consider the after-sale service and warranty. Owing to their specialized nature, armored sedans require expert maintenance and repairs. Choose a manufacturer that provides comprehensive after-sale support.

An armored sedan is a significant investment in personal security and comfort. Checking these essential features ensures that you select a vehicle that not only meets your safety needs but also delivers on performance and luxury. At Troy Armoring, we understand the importance of these features and are committed to providing our clients with the best in armored vehicle technology. Learn more about how our armored sedans are redefining road safety and luxury here.

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