6 Safety Checks Every Armored SUV Owner Should Perform Regularly

Owning an armored SUV comes with a set of responsibilities paramount to ensuring the vehicle performs optimally in terms of safety and reliability. Regular checks and maintenance are essential, not just for the longevity of the vehicle but also for the safety of its occupants. Here are six safety checks that every armored SUV owner should perform regularly to ensure their vehicle remains in peak condition.

1. Inspect the Armor Integrity

The armor is what sets your vehicle apart from standard SUVs. It is crucial to regularly inspect the armored panels for any signs of damage, such as dents or corrosion, that could compromise the vehicle’s protective capabilities. Pay special attention to door seams and window edges, as these areas are critical to the overall integrity of the armor.

2. Check the Ballistic Glass

The ballistic glass of your armored SUV is designed to withstand extreme impacts. Regularly inspect the glass for any cracks, chips, or signs of delamination. Even small imperfections can affect the ballistic performance of the glass, so it’s important to address any issues promptly.

3. Tire Inspection and Pressure Check

Run-flat tires are a standard feature on armored vehicles, allowing you to drive to safety even after a tire has been compromised. Regularly check your tires for wear and tear and ensure they are always inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. This not only aids in maintaining the vehicle’s maneuverability but also its ability to perform under attack.

4. Suspension and Brake System Checks

The added weight of armoring materials places additional strain on the suspension and brake systems of an armored SUV. Regularly inspect these systems for signs of wear and ensure they are functioning correctly. Properly maintained suspension and brakes are critical for the safety and handling of the vehicle, especially in emergency situations.

5. Engine and Battery Performance

The engine and battery must operate flawlessly to ensure your armored SUV can always get you out of harm’s way. Perform regular engine checks, including oil and coolant levels, and inspect the battery to ensure it’s charging correctly and free from corrosion. Remember, the added weight and security features of an armored vehicle can demand more from the engine and battery than a standard vehicle.

6. Security and Communication Systems

Modern armored SUVs are equipped with advanced security and communication systems. Regularly test these systems to ensure they are functioning as intended. This includes GPS tracking devices, emergency communication systems, and any additional security features your vehicle may be equipped with.

Owning an armored SUV provides an unmatched level of security and peace of mind. However, to maintain these benefits, regular maintenance and safety checks are essential. By performing these six checks regularly, you can ensure that your vehicle remains a reliable sanctuary of safety for you and your passengers. For those interested in the latest advancements in armored vehicle technology and how they contribute to your safety, explore the top 10 innovations in armored SUV technology you need to know. And if you’re in the market for an armored SUV that embodies these innovations and more, discover our extensive selection at Troy Armoring.

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