5 Most Dangerous Cities in Canada

If you ask people about countries they think are the safest for tourists and its citizens, you’d have Canada among the typical answers. Canadians are known to be friendly and welcoming, too.

However, even though Canada is considered a safe country, crime rates remain high in certain Canadian cities. According to Numbeo, a worldwide statistics database, seven cities in Canada are included in the world’s top 100 most dangerous places.

Top 5 Dangerous Cities in Canada by Crime Severity Index

Red Deer, Alberta

Located midway on the Calgary-Edmonton corridor, this city is considered one of Alberta’s most dangerous cities. The crime rate is 176.4 – violent crimes at 175.7 and non-violent crimes at 176.2. These numbers are actually above the average for Alberta as a whole.

Lethbridge, Alberta

This city is located near the Canadian Rockies and has a temperate climate. Thus, many residents are attracted to settling down in Lethbridge. While it has very pleasant weather, the crime severity index of this city is very high at 148.9. Like Red Deer, the city’s CSI exceeded that of entire Alberta.

Kelowna, British Columbia

If you visit the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, you will come to know Kelowna. It is a city located in the southern part of the province. It’s a thriving cultural district, while the surrounding area boasts beautiful parks, serene forests, vineyards, and mountains.

However, despite all the sights you can find in the city, Kelowna is also one of the most dangerous places to visit in the region. The crime rate is 141.9 – a high figure compared to the average in other British Columbia cities.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

They say that bigger cities with many more people also mean higher crime rates. And in the case of Winnipeg, that is indeed true. The crime severity index is at 70.5; however, compared to the average CSI rate of Manitoba as a whole (126.9), this figure is still smaller.

Regina, Saskatchewan

Regina, Saskatchewan’s capital and second- largest city, offers a vibrant art and cultural scene. It is also a commercial hub for the province’s southern area. And like Winnipeg, being a big city also means Regina has its fair share of crimes.

This city’s crime severity index is 116.8. However, the violent crime rate is at an alarming 150.9. Overall, though, Regina’s CSI is still lower than the 146.7 average of the province.

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