3 Steps to Finding the Right Armored Vehicle for You

How can you find an armored vehicle that will suit your needs? It takes a bit of time and research, but you will eventually find what you’re after. There’s no need for a long list of do’s and don’ts or wants and needs. You can easily find the most suitable armored vehicle if you know what kind of protection you need and what you are protecting yourself from.

Assess Your Protection Needs

Most armored car manufacturers can assess the level of protection their clients need and put adequate protection measures in place. But for them to do that, you need to determine what kind of threat you face. Armored vehicles range from the protection levels A4/B4 to A11/B7. The B7 ballistic protection offers the highest level of protection. It can stop high-velocity rifles and armor-piercing bullets.

For example, traveling in West Africa may entail the need for a high-protection armored vehicle because the use of AK-47s is prevalent there. If you need standard protection while on the road, all you need is a vehicle with a bulletproof windshield and windows. Here are some of the questions to ask yourself when you’re considering an armored vehicle:

  • How many passengers will you carry?
  • Where do you drive?
  • How much threat are you facing?
  • What are the safety features important to you?
  • How big is your garage or parking space?

Set a Budget

Whether you’re buying an armored or a regular car, you need to determine how much you can afford. Just a reminder, though, that an armored vehicle will always be more expensive than a standard car. The higher cost is due to the extra ballistic-rated materials. These add weight and cost to the armored vehicle.

So, how much does an armored vehicle cost? It might be triple the cost of an ordinary car. The materials alone can cost between $50,000 and $500,000. The cost will depend on the vehicle model, the level of armoring, applications and technologies, and other optional features.

Find a Reliable Dealer

You can’t go to any car dealership and expect to find an armored vehicle in their lineup. Only specialized dealerships sell armored cars, so you must find a reliable one in your area. The seller should have a wide range of options and customization services so you get everything you need in an armored car. It would also help to ask for recommendations from people who own armored vehicles.

Finding the right dealer will make you more comfortable with the process of buying an armored car. Once you have a chosen dealer, the next step is to schedule a test drive. If you are not going to drive the car, take your driver with you so he can have a feel for the vehicle. A test drive is also the best way to compare different car models and decide if you want a sedan or SUV.


Buying an armored vehicle involves more or less the same process as buying a regular car. However, take extra precautions in picking the right armored car since safety and level of protection are major considerations. Take time to assess and decide so you are assured of getting the most suitable armored vehicle for your needs.

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